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Next Generation Radiation Detection

GRI’s mission is to make radiation detection safer and more efficient through real-time, 3D radiation mapping technologies deployable on unmanned platforms.


aka "Gamechanger"

LAMP is GRI's commercially available 3D radiation mapping, data fusion, and visualization system.


That's right. Three powerful capabilities in a single, compact, portable system.

But don't take our word for it. LAMP's nickname is "gamechanger" because that is the most common way that people refer to it when they see it in action.

Detect, Identify, Localize, Map, and Visualize radiological sources in real-time.

Experience the future of radiation detection, 3D mapping, and robotics today with GRI & LAMP.



GRI's 3D radiation mapping technologies can be used for a diverse range of applications. Whether you're mapping radiological source terms for daily operations and maintenance planning or hunting for a nuclear threat, we can help.

Map, localize, and visualize radiological hazards and threats in handheld mode, on robots, or on vehicles.

Detect, identify, assess, and respond to
radioactive hazards like never before.

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