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Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities with GRI Technologies

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LAMP for Decommissioning 

Deploy LAMP in handheld mode or on robotic platforms for decommissioning applications including:

  • cleaning verification/decontamination​

  • radiation surveys

  • hotspot localization

  • isotope identification (identify multiple isotopes in the same area)

LAMP's intuitive, detailed 3D maps can be used for work planning and task verification (e.g. was this decontamination effort successful?), as well as communication of the status of a work area to a broader audience).

Autonomous Robotic 3D Wall Scanning

LAMP can also be integrated with robotic platforms for remote and autonomous operations in support of decommissioning applications to support site release.



In a 2022 collaboration with EPRI, GRI demonstrated an autonomous, robotic, 3D wall scanning platform, which consists of a commercial GRI-LAMP system, custom scissor lift, a ClearPath Husky UGV, and GRI 3D mapping, data fusion, and autonomy software.

Real-time validation of results in 3D and augmented reality

The featured 3D map shows real-time results from autonomous scanning of a 3m high wall with two distinct sources localized (radiation heat map in the 3D LiDAR map) using LAMP on a robot. LAMP + robot scanned this 3 m x 7.5 m wall, increasing in height to cover each row, in less than ten minutes.

The radiation heat map is also overlaid in augmented reality in the live camera feed at the bottom left of the GRI LAMP user interface. This augmented reality overlay provides an additional layer of context and situational understanding precisely what part of the wall may require additional decontamination efforts.

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