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3D Radiation Mapping for Nuclear Power Applications

GRI-LAMP will assess radiation more quickly, accurately, and safely to inform radiation protection decisions.

Mission Driven Technology: We will work with you to optimize GRI-LAMP for your needs.

Radiation Protection

Localize point and distributed source terms and hotspots with live-time information and a full 3D model produced in minutes.


  • Quickly assess a room or building in minutes with a single measurement.

  • Use live-time information to adjust measurement (e.g. avoid a hot area or focus on a problem area)

  • Avoid missing any hotspots with a 360 degree, 3D view of the work site (depending on physical access)

  • Optimize shielding to ensure full coverage and protection

  • Optional integration with unmanned robots for use in hot or inaccessible areas

  • Quickly survey areas multiple times to inform maintenance planning during day-to-day operations or refueling outages

Use case: Rad Waste Shipment Survey

Quickly conduct surveys of rad waste shipments to validate outgoing shipments and stay within regulations.

Map the geometry of the container in 3D with localized source terms for more precise localization of hotspots.

A 1 meter grid setting in the user interface provides a reference for survey distance from the container.

LaSalle - rad waste shipment 3D .png
"Having visual confirmation to ensure that our measurements are in compliance is really valuable." - RPM

3D view of a rad waste shipment on a truck

LS - LAMP Floor Map Hotspots.png

Use case: Regular RP surveys

Inform risk-based maintenance with fast surveys of large areas  that quickly provide critical information about current conditions.

Efficient measurements enable targeted follow-on surveys by staff, who can focus on anomalies or problem areas, instead of spending time collecting and analyzing data.

Example: An entire basement floor and multiple hotspots mapped at a nuclear power plant in a single ten minute walking measurement. Floor map generated in live-time, updating as more data is collected.

"With the equipment we currently have, surveying this entire floor would have taken us 2-3 days, and you were able to provide all this data in ten minutes." - RPM

Safer, more efficient radiation mapping with LAMP on robotic platforms 

GRI-LAMP is deployable on unmanned platforms to enable safer and more efficient operations whether you're conducting routine surveys or responding to an emergency. 


There are many benefits to deploying LAMP on robotic platforms:

☢️ Significant dose rate reductions
🤖 Faster and more efficient surveys of large areas
🖥 Reduced operator burden because LAMP+Robot does the hard work of collecting and providing actionable data for you, so you can make critical decisions more quickly and efficiently!

GRI-LAMP provides live-time results to enable efficient surveys of hot or inaccessible areas and rapid and dynamic response to an accident or emergency.  Live-time information is streamed to the control tablet, so you can see the results immediately and make rapid decisions as the system collects data on the robotic platform.

Map point sources and distributed source terms and contamination to understand the full extent of radiological hazards inside and around your facility.

IMG_2538 2.heic
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