Mobile 3D Radiation Mapping

GRI-LAMP: Localization and Mapping Platform
GRI LAMP-Mapper.heic

​Overview of specifications:

  • Real-time 3D map and radiation data streamed to user control tablet

    • Isotope specific maps​

    • High resolution LiDAR maps

    • Augmented reality view

  • Currently available versions:

    • LAMP-Imager:

      • High resolution gamma-ray imaging at <10 cm scale

      • CZT detector from H3D

    • LAMP-Mapper:

      • Proximity radiation mapping at 1 m or less scale

      • Option: Gamma-ray mapping only

      • Option: Dual gamma-ray and neutron mapping

  • Less than 10 lb (depending on integrated detector) with swappable batteries

  • Integrated LiDAR mapping both indoors and outdoors: from small rooms to large buildings

  • Data processed and stored onboard the system

    • conduct offline data analysis with saved data

    • e.g. ​compare multiple surveys of an area

  • Additional services for high-resolution data processing and robotic platform integration available

  • Remotely deployable on unmanned platforms (UAS/UGV)

  • Future software upgrades, so you always have the most advanced radiation mapping capability