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Real-Time 3D Radiation Mapping

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GRI Localization and Mapping Platform (LAMP)


  • Real-time 3D map and data streamed to the control tablet​

  • Detect, localize, identify, and map radiological sources 

  • Radiation data provided

    • Isotope identification​

    • Spectroscopy

    • Dose rate

    • Isotope-specific radiation maps

  • Data is processed and stored onboard LAMP

  • No prior information of area or extra equipment required

  • Intuitive user interface for control and visualization

  • User friendly - minimal training required

  • Deployable on mobile platforms - robots, vehicles

  • Swappable batteries with 2.5 hours of active mapping per battery

Additional add-on software packages, robotic integration, and extended capabilities available.

IMG_5514 2.HEIC


High resolution gamma-ray imaging

10x better imaging resolution compared to Mapper


Featuring CZT from H3D Inc.
Gamma camera combined with LAMP to enable real-time 3D SLAM mapping, fully mobile deployment, and intuitive, detailed visualizations for state-of-the-art 3D gamma-ray imaging


Dual Neutron & Gamma-ray Mapping

One Detector, Two Modes


Featuring CLLBC

A powerful new scintillator with excellent resolution enabling simultaneous mapping of both gamma-rays and neutrons to produce real-time, intuitive, detailed visualizations for state-of-the-art 3D gamma-ray and neutron mapping

Key Features

real-time pipe cleaning verification.png

Real-Time Results in the Field

GRI's 3D radiation mapping technologies uniquely provide results in real-time in the field, including a fused 3D LiDAR radiation map and other critical data, including isotope ID & dose rate. This real-time, actionable data informs rapid decision making in the field, with no additional desktop data processing required to get the information you need. Real-time data is streamed to the control tablet and displayed in GRI's intuitive user interface.

LS - LAMP Floor Map Hotspots.png

Fast Mapping of Large Areas

Unlike stationary detectors, which can require multiple measurements and take a long time to find sources, GRI's LAMP system is fully mobile and can map large areas in minutes. LAMP localizes sources automatically while simultaneously mapping the operating environment, and the 3D map and radiation data update as more data is collected. The result shown is an entire reactor building basement floor and multiple hotspots mapped in a ten minute walking measurement.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.48.56 PM.png

Flexible Deployment

GRI's LAMP system can be deployed on unmanned ground robots, drones, vehicles, and in handheld mode. It can even be easily deployed in multiple modes in the same day or area to support dynamic missions, including emergency response. Simply attach or detach LAMP using specially designed mounts to your robot, drone, vehicle, or person, and continue mapping. LAMP's deployment flexibility enables safer and dynamic ways to assess and identify radiological hazards.

LAMP dose rate mapping.png

Visualize Dose Rates

LAMP also visualizes dose rates in real-time in the user interface. These dose rates indicate dose measured along the system path (e.g. where LAMP traveled in the operating environment). 


Map indoors and outdoors

LAMP can be used to map radiological sources, including point sources and distributed contamination, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors, LAMP can map multiple levels of a building in 3D; Outdoors, LAMP can map radiation over very large areas (e.g. 0.5 sq. km).  

LAMP dose rate mapping.png

High Resolution 3D Rad Maps

In addition to real-time 3D radiation maps, LAMP also produces high resolution LiDAR point clouds automatically fused with radiation data. These highly detailed maps provide another way to visualize fixed infrastructure, equipment, and other objects, such as pipes, barrels, or instruments, in the work area. These intuitive 3D maps can be used for work planning and pre-job briefings.

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