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Our Story

Our founding team developed the GRI-LAMP 3D radiation mapping technology as researchers at a Department of Energy national laboratory. Over the years, we conducted dozens of research measurement campaigns and demonstrated this technology around the world, including in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, and in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Everywhere we went, we kept hearing firsthand from radiation detector operators, first responders, CBRNE specialists, and others about how LAMP would make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient; that our 3D radiation mapping technologies are a game changer for radiation detection, assessment, and response. Inspired by these experiences, we launched Gamma Reality Inc. (GRI) to make these powerful real-time 3D radiation mapping, data fusion, and visualization technologies commercially available.
At Gamma Reality Inc., our mission is to harness the power of multi-sensor data fusion to make meaningful impacts in the world through continuous technological innovation and deployment, putting cutting-edge technologies in the hands of people who will use it for impactful missions. GRI’s commercial technologies are being deployed around the world for applications including nuclear power safety and decommissioning, emergency response, homeland security, defense, international safeguards and more.

Our team of scientist-entrepreneurs has extensive experience in radiation detection, computer vision and software development, and multi-sensor system and custom electronics development and are proud to bring to market innovative gamma-ray imaging and neutron mapping, visualization, and data fusion technologies.

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