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Air Pressure

Interactive 3D Radiation Models

Large Scale 3D Radiation Mapping on an UAS

This is a model of a three story building (12 x 17 m) with a Cobalt-60 source hidden in a room on the third floor. This model was produced by a non-imaging version of GRI's 3D radiation mapping system deployed on an UAS. The total flight time was 13 minutes and the location of the source is indicated in red.

High Resolution 3D radiation model with Gamma-ray Imaging

A high resolution 3D model with fused radiation data showing an abandoned construction claw in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This is an isotope-specific radiation model of Cesium-137 contamination produced with a gamma-ray imaging version of GRI's 3D radiation mapping system. The total measurement time was less than 10 minutes and consisted of handheld measurements walking around the claw.

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