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Meet The Team

We're a team of entrepreneurial scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds who like to get out of the lab and deploy systems in the field. We're passionate about developing and deploying multi-sensor data fusion, mapping, and visualization technologies, harnessing the latest innovations in sensors, edge computing, robotics, electronics, and computer vision to drive innovations that will have broad impacts for clean energy, emergency response, homeland security, and more.

Andy Haefner, PhD
CEO, Co-Founder

Erika headshot with LAMP.png

Erika Suzuki
Head of Business Development

Ryan Pavlovsky, PhD
Head of Hardware

Professor Kai Vetter, PhD
 Co-Founder, Senior Advisor


John Kua
Head of Perception

Dave Rigie, PhD
Imaging Scientist

Philippe Proctor 
Software Engineer

Logan Peterson
 Software Engineer


Justin Oshiro 
Mechanical Design Engineer


Seth DuBridge 
Hardware Engineer

Maleehe Taqui
Finance Manager


Innovate with us.

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