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3D Radiation Mapping for Emergency Response & Security

Real-time critical radiation and situational awareness information for rapid detection, assessment, and response 

Critical data collected and communicated in real-time

Dynamic situations require dynamic solutions.

GRI-LAMP provides real-time results to enable a rapid and dynamic response to an accident, emergency, or security situation.

Make rapid decisions using real-time LAMP data streamed to your phone/tablet.

Enhance situational awareness with 3D LiDAR maps and an augmented reality view of sources in the visual camera feed.

Detect and map both point and distributed source terms and contamination to understand the full extent of radiological hazards and threats in the area.

Remotely deploy LAMP on robotic platforms to keep first responders out of harm's way and assess large areas more quickly and efficiently.

Interactive 3D Map

Large Scale 3D Radiation Mapping on an UAS

This is a model of a three story building (12 x 17 m) with a Cobalt-60 source hidden in a room on the third floor. This model was produced by a non-imaging version of GRI's 3D radiation mapping system deployed on an UAS. The total flight time was 13 minutes and the location of the source is indicated in red.

Flexible Deployment Options for Wide Area Search & Assessment

LAMP can be configured for deployment on multiple platforms without additional software changes or updates required. 

Quickly map and search areas of varying scale (rooms to buildings to large outdoor facilities) for radioactive threats and hazards.

Adapt your deployment strategy to dynamic situations: scan a large area with LAMP on a UAS to find a hotspot before swapping LAMP onto a vehicle or UGV to more closely inspect the hazard on the ground.

Deployment options:

  • Handheld

  • Vehicle-mounted

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (drones)

  • Unmanned ground robots

  • All of the above

Use case example: Cargo container search

Two Cs-137 sources mapped and identified in two different locations within a single container. 

The real-time data product (left) shows a 3D LiDAR map with sources localized inside one of the containers. The blue line indicates the system path as it was carried around the outside of the containers.


The sources are also visualized in the augmented reality view (right image, bottom left corner) on the visual camera feed.

Total measurement time: 7 minutes (combination walking and dwell in front of suspected hotspots)

cargo container visual 1.png
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